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The Robsons of Darras Hall

The Robson family of Darras Hall asked us to clean and re-sand their patios and driveway but were going on holiday shortly making the timing difficult.

ddRobson's Block Paving Before  ddRobson's Block Paving After


ddRobson's Front Door Before  ddRobson's Front Door After

We offered to do the cleaning while they were on holiday and they returned to find their patio slabs, block paving, gateposts, sandstone sills and walls all sparkling clean.

The sandstone looked great after a gentle clean with our specialist nozzles.


ddRobson's Wall Before  ddRobson's Wall After

An amazing contrast from uniform grey to a multi-coloured pristine driveway, almost as good as new.

Another happy customer and another job in the portfolio.


If you want  your hard surfaces cleaned while you are away enjoying the Sun or simply need to be at work, give us a call – Our machines are petrol driven, as long as we can connect to the water supply we can do the job without needing access to the house.

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We asked Peter if he could clean our drive and patio while we were on holiday. We returned a couple of weeks later and were delighted with the results.

— Mr and Mrs Robson

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