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Jesmond Jetclean rejuvenates block paving, paving slabs, tarmac, concrete, decking, walls, fences and any other hard surface.

Weed killing and minor repairs are carried out first, if neccesary.

Cleaning begins by attaching to your water supply, usually at the garden tap. The “whirlaway” attachment is used to clean the majority of the driveway or patio it’s hood protecting the surrounding areas from splashing. The lance is then used to clean difficult areas and to rinse off.

It is important to Jesmond Jetclean that we leave yours and your neighbours properties spotless.

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After cleaning the joints need to be refilled to stabilize the paving. Sand will only “flow” to the bottom of the joints in dry conditions so we return on the next dry opportunity to finish the job.

There are three choices:

1. Kiln dried sand – deters weeds for months.

2. NOWEED sand – deters weeds for years.

3. Easyjoint, a specialized compound that works best in wet conditions – looks great for years.

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We offer an optional sealing service.

The sealant bonds the jointing material together, strengthening your driveway or patio. The paving is easier to maintain for years and keeping weeds at bay, it boosts the appearance of your property.

There are two options:

1. Easyseal, an enviromentally friendly acrylic and water based sealant – good for 1-3 years depending on local conditions.

2. Paveseal, a hard wearing polyurethane based sealant – good for 2-6 years depending on local conditions.

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We were delighted with the outcome and finish of the block paving when it had been cleaned and sealed by Peter. We found him friendly, helpful, reliable and easy to work with. Thank you for a good job.

— Barbara and Ian, Northumberland

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