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Aiden in Darras Hall

Aiden challenged Jesmond Jetclean to find a long term remedy to his grassy problem at his lovely home in Darras Hall, we cleaned and sanded all the hard surfaces giving the whole house a fresh look.

We then sealed the blockpaving driveway enhancing it’s appearance, stabilizing it and stopping the grass from underneath. We arranged to return every 6 months to do an algicidal wash preventing the return of algae and moss.

Jesmond Jetclean can offer a similar arrangement to all customers who wish to keep their driveways and patios clean and fresh all year.

We were very pleased with the result when Peter had finished the work and opted for the algicidal wash to preserve it for as long as possible, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jesmond Jetclean to anyone with a problem patio or driveway.

— Aiden, Darras Hall

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